The MuG Virtual Research Environment supports the expanding 3D/4D genomics community by developing tools to integrate the navigation in genomics data from sequence to 3D/4D chromatin dynamics data.


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RT @NatureRevGenet: Latest Reviews, Research and Protocols from the Nature journals on the #3dgenome. See the Collection 'The 3D genome' ht…
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RT @ELIXIREurope: Our position paper on #FAIR Data Management in life sciences with 7 guiding principles: #EOSC @eo
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RT @marc_rr: Mirny: we are trying to solve an "inverse problem" from Hi-C to chromatin structure. Hard, similar to early structural biology…


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What’s the MuG Virtual Research Environment?

MuG develops tools and services fitted for community needs as well as the computing infrastructure necessary to support the Virtual Research Environment services.

  • Infrastructure provisioning: user accounts, user certificates and assignment of a gateway for access to the European data and computing infrastructure to enable simulations on distributed supercomputing resources.
  • End-user interfaces: interactive and programmatic interfaces will be provided
  • Interoperability, adopting standards implementation to ensure alignment with the activities on e-infrastructures.
  • Deployment, maintenance and support to guarantee the quality of the platform.
  • Documentation and training to ensure the modules of this VRE can be correctly used by users and developers.

MuG VRE Compute Platform is a virtualization platform that provides access to specific genomic applications and workflows.